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  • rischi tecnologici

This policy is designed to manufacturers and covers damage to the work, after delivery. It refers in particular to Art. 1669 of the Italian Civil Code "Manufacturer's liability for serious shortcomings or total/partial destruction of the work, due to ground fault or construction defects".

It has double function to protect the buyer and the builder in case of damage regardless of the liability acknowledgment.

This policy relates to parts of the work designed to long-term use, such as walls, floors, slabs, pillars etc. and may include extensions such as, for example, waterproofing, roofing and plaster or interior trim. As the name suggests, it has a duration of 10 years.

Decennial liability is required by law:

- when the property is sold by a company (not an individual);
- the buyer is an individual (not a company);
- the work must be accomplished.